29 January 2018

Simon Rumley

20 September 2018

Tilman Singer

21 September 2018

Nicolas Stanzick

Midi-Minuit Fantastique
21 September 2018

Marcel Vaid

Chris the Swiss
1 October 2018

Francesco Zippel

Friedkin Uncut
1 October 2018

Robert D.Krzykowski

The Man who killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot
3 October 2018

Martin Koolhoven

Experience and future projects
3 October 2018

Linus et Anna De Paoli

6 September 2018

Grégoire Carlé

After studying at the Beaux Arts College of Epinal, he completed his introductory training in illustration at the Haute école des arts du Rhin. Author of the Baku trilogy, La Nuit du Capricorne, Philoctète et les Femmes, he also the designed the India ink decor for Gabriel Harel’s short film The Night of the Plastic Bags.
6 September 2018

Ron Dyens

In 1999, Ron Dyens became manager of the cinema l'Archipel Paris Ciné and founded Sacrebleu Productions, which received a Palme d’Or in 2010 for Serge Avédikian’s Barking Island. His first animated feature, co-produced by Sacrebleu Rémi Chayé’s Long Way North, was released in 2016. Dyens has also directed five short films selected in more than 300 festivals.
6 September 2018

Jérémie Périn

Jérémie Périn is a director and animated scriptwriter known for his Internet clips such as Truckers Delight, Fantasy and Hi Life. He also directed the opening sequence of Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life. As director of the TV series Lastman, he defends the idea of popular adult-oriented animation. He recently co-created Crisis Jung, an excessive, post-apocalyptic mini-series.
6 September 2018

Laurence Algret

Having worked in several Strasbourg cinemas during her studies in the late 1990s, Laurence Algret began her career at the UGC Ciné Cité as head of communication in 2000. She went on to become deputy director and director at various UGC cinemas in Lille, Rouen and Lyon before working on the management team for two years at the headquarters in Paris. As a Strasbourg cinephile, she was delighted to return to take over the reins of the Strasbourg UGC in January 1915.
4 September 2017

Star Wars Exhibition

5 September 2018

Kévin Béclié

Kévin Béclié, a teacher at Strasbourg's Lycée Marcel Rudloff, coordinates cinema and audio-visual matters for the artistic and cultural education branch of the Strasbourg Academy. This entails setting up workshops and national programmes, such as Lycéens au cinema and Collège au cinema, among others. A fan of genre and cinéma bis, he writes for Cinétrange.
15 September 2018