27 August 2019

Grüselnacht: The rite

27 August 2019

Inside and Beyond the Eighth Passenger

9 September 2022

Edouard Valton

From the post-production of washing powder ads, Alien Resurrection by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Enter the Void by Gaspar Noé to the next Netfl ix series Notre Dame, la part du feu by Hervé Hadmar, my professional career from the 1980s to today has followed the development of post-production jobs and techniques, especially digital visual effects.
26 August 2019

Master Class Robert Rodriguez

26 August 2019

Open air: Blade runner

26 August 2019

The Secret Screening

26 August 2019

Work in progress: animation

27 August 2019

Zombie walk 2019

27 August 2019

Zoological Terror: The Birds

31 July 2020

The Return of the Real – First films announced

Less than two months from the first Fantastic Weekend, we have much pleasure in unveiling a first look at some of the films chosen for the official selection.
21 August 2019

Here there be monsters

2 July 2020

Three Fantastic Weekends

The Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival has decided to postpone its next edition to 2021, while continuing to support the creation of genre films in a different way until the end of 2020 through its Three Fantastic Weekends.
5 June 2020

The Return – Summer Prospects & Genre Films

For every avid moviegoer, relief is at hand. You were hoping in your wildest dreams to return to your favourite cinema in July, but as it turns out the date is closer than you think: most cinemas will open on 22 June. Here’s what to watch for in the coming weeks.
4 June 2020

Low-res Horror Polygons, J-Horror and Retro Spectres

Low polys, low-resolution textures and a back to basics design: let’s have a look at some horror video games that refuse ultra-realism and return to the PlayStation imaginary.
7 May 2020


Finish your lockdown with a detour into three weirdo films, uneasy with classification.