10 April 2020

Learn How To Create Video Games

To keep kids busy during lockdown, the Strasbourg studio Neuronality has put together a video-game creation course entirely online!
8 April 2020

Masters of confinement

Lockdown puts time on your hands. So why not put it to good use by watching a few of the master classes by the greats of genre cinema from the Festival’s past editions.
28 February 2022

submissions are open

Submissions are open.
3 April 2020

The return of a cult saga in VR: Half-Life: Alyx

After years of waiting, the Valve studio has just released an ambitious VR experience from the ultra-cult game series Half-Life.
1 April 2020

A few apocalyptic movies

Did you picture the Apocalypse any differently than at your place, sprawled on the sofa with your feet on the coffee table? That’s probably what they were doing too.
30 March 2020

A selection of horror comedies

Need a boost from the Lockdown Intimate Living Syndrome? Take your pick from this mixed species cocktail of horror comedies, bringing together serial-killer sheep, zombie beavers, normal zombies, graceful werewolves, Google-loving vampires and humans.
29 March 2020

Five films to watch during lock-down

Five films, fantastic or borderline, which prove you’re not so bad after all at handling lock-down living.
24 March 2020

Apocalypse Yesterday

Given the confinement under which we are living today, our post-apocalyptic retrospective has acquired a new sheen of irony. Click here for Jean Alessandrini’s prophetic text, the list of the retrospective films as well as our “post-apo night of truly bad films”, trailers and all.
27 March 2020

Gone Home

While confined to our homes with plenty of time on our hands, make it go by faster with the indie videogame, Gone Home. Developed by the Fullbright studios, Gone Home will take you on a 1990s nostalgia trip.
4 March 2020

Thee Wreckers Tetralogy

14 March 2023

Sofilm and the Genre – A Call for Projects

The Sofilm residencies for genre cinema are calling for short-film projects, which will once again be presented at the 16th edition of our Festival, to be held this coming September.
12 February 2020

Lucio Fulci

For the second Freak-Out Friday evening of the season, the Festival honours Lucio Fulci, a craftsman of exploitation cinema who has dipped into all genres of popular Italian cinema with two gialli, both atypical, but greatly appreciated by fans of the genre.
14 January 2020

Evil dead 2

Ash takes his girlfriend Linda on a romantic trip to an isolated cabin in the woods. They find a very old book and audio tape recorded by a Professor Knowby, a distinguished archaeologist. The book turns out to be The Book of the Dead, a famous grimoire or book of spells that was lost in the 14th century. The recovery of the book and the recorded incantations liberate evil forces in the forest.
7 October 2019

2019 – Golden Méliès

Peter Strickland’s In Fabric has won the Golden Méliès, which was awarded on Sunday 6 October at the 52nd Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia.
28 October 2019

Flip Mix

Celebrate Hallowe’en (All Hallows Eve), an ancient Celtic, then Roman, then Catholic tradition today confiscated by everyone who wants to have freaky fun.