• WES CRAVEN - Horreur c'est vendrediA Wes Craven tribute
  • palmares 2015Golden Octopus, Silver Melies, Jury Special Mention, Audience Award
  • gremlinsGremlins, with Joe Dante in attendance
  • ZOMBIE WALK 2015The biggest in France
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Sélection officielle : les 1ers titres

Le Festival est très heureux d’annoncer les premiers titres de la sélection officielle de cette 9ème édition. En compétition internationale fantastique tout d’abord, Under The Shadow de Babak Anvari, huis-clos fantastique tourné en farsi et mettant en scène une...

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IGC 2016: First peeks

The Festival’s video game section explores the richness and originality of the world of the independent video game through its Indie Game Contest. At the Shadok throughout the Festival, visitors can test a selection of video games that reflects geographical diversity, and is extremely varied in terms of gameplay, design...

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Fantastic Feature-Films Jury

The 9th Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival is pleased to welcome William Lustig as president of the feature-film jury for fantastic films. Lustig was a cult director of the 1980s who spawned a new type of cinema, raw, violent and macabre, which vacillated between pure horror and vigilantism. In films such as Maniac,...

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Événements 2016 : Requin, occultisme et dinosaures !

Le Festival Européen du Film Fantastique de Strasbourg est de retour pour une neuvième édition qui se tiendra du 16 au 25 septembre 2016. Et il est grand temps de faire un premier point sur les événements qui se dérouleront en marge des projections et des...

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THE POSTER - The Serial Killers - The Festival

The 9th Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival is very pleased to present its 2016 poster, illustrating the theme of our keynote revival, M for Murder. After the Devil and evil, troubled children, this year's viewers will be plunged into the murky world of serial killers, a subject that has never ceased to fascinate...

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2015 jury interviews

Three of last year's jury members share their views of fantastic cinema, its evolution over the last 40 years and its place in French cinema. Frank Ilfman is a well-known composer based in London and Los Angeles. He has composed for more than 40 films and TV projects, including the feature-film Big Bad Wolves, which won...

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The Invitation, the Festival's grand prize winner of the Golden Octopus, is now available on iTunes. A film to be watched over and yet again, Karyn Kusama's horrific psychological thriller, straight out of southern California's dark mythology, electrified the 2015 jury. Will's ex-wife and her husband invite...

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Indie Game Contest 2016

Registration for the Indie Game Contest is now officially open! The deadline for submitting games is midnight on 15 July, 2016.  Games selected for the finals will be displayed at the Shadok, Strasbourg's digital arts centre, for the duration of the festival, from 16 to 25 September, and may be tested by the...

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