Eurogenre 2024

This year’s Eurogenre professional meetings will be held from 23 to 25 September, at Strasbourg’s Vox cinema. This section was inaugurated by the Festival in 2023, thanks to the support funds from the Culture du Contrat “Capitale européenne” 2021-2023. 

Day one will be reserved for projections European genre films that are part of the Festival selection, but which have no distributor. The films’ sales agents will accompany the projection and the distributors present will get an exclusive pre-peak at these films with a high potential for successful release.

In the evening, look for the opening party, bringing together all of the participants, local and European.


The 2nd day will include a pitching session of European genre films in different phases of development, presented by their writers and directors, with or without the producers.

A themed round-table discussion will close the day.


The final day will focus on the genre residencies of the French film journal Sofilm. There will be short-film script readings with musical accompaniment and the launch of Sofilm’s genre residencies for the creation of feature films.  

Eurogenre 2023: photo recap