From 13 to 22 September 2019 - Place St-Thomas

Throughout the Festival, the Village will be offering you a succession of fantastic evenings, each wackier than the last. The programme will include DJ sets, an electro-groove evening, a fantastic improvisation show, an Ososphère lecture with Yuksek and a freak show with the Pépinière Company.

1. Vaillant

Opening concert with Vaillant

Friday 13 September, 6-10pm / Free admission

For the Village opening ceremony, Vaillant (Olivier Stula’s electronic music project) will be present to introduce his new solo album Mirage Orange. His music, sometimes to dance to and sometimes to dream by, departs from the usual pop structures and explores the powers of repetition and improvisation backed by hypnotic videos.

Programme of the evening:

  • 6-7.30pm: Village opening ceremony
  • 9-10pm: Vaillant concert

Website – Label Herzfeld

2. Yuksek

Ososphère lecture with Yuksek

Saturday 21 September, 6-7pm / Free admission – The Marquee

As part of the Ososphère event and in partnership with the Festival, the Artefact Platform is holding a musical lecture in the presence of the artist Yuksek on the hidden secrets of soundtracks that have now become legendary. Meeting moderated by Maxime Delcourt.

Website – Ososphère


GSTN - Electro-groove evening

Saturday 14 September, 6-11pm / Free admission

GSTN is a skilled beat maker. In this live performance, he plays a selection of the best productions, switching between hip-hop, bass music and world beat. Atmospheric synthesisers combine sharp beats with organic samples from elsewhere, all backed up by deep basses.

Programme of the evening:

  • 8-9.30pm: GSTN concert
  • 9.30-11pm: Cash Poney Club concert

Website – GSTN

4. Cash Poney

Cash Poney Club - Electro-groove evening

Saturday 14 September, 6-11pm / Free admission

In an impending retro future, a bass player and a beat maker have joined forces to create Cash Poney Club’s funky and cosmic electronic music. With sounds of the 2000s, Beats House and groovy bass, the duo have succeeded in creating their own space-time framework and invite their contemporaries to engage in a musical exploration.

Programme of the evening:

  • 8-9.30pm: GSTN concert
  • 9.30-11pm: Cash Poney Club concert

Soundcloud – Cash Poney Club

5. Impro JTPi

Theatrical improvisation show - J'Te Paye impro

Tuesday 17 September, 8-10pm / Free admission

The J’Te Paye Impro company invites you to hear hitherto untold stories via a unique improvisation show on the theme of the fantastic. Be ready to be amazed and come on a journey through strange and ever more bizarre worlds.

Website – J’Te Paye impro

6. Freak Show

La Pépinière puts on its Freak Show

Saturday 21 September, 9-11pm / Pay what you want admission

Specially for the Festival, La Pépinière, a multi-disciplinary cabaret featuring artistes from Strasbourg, will be turning itself into a freak show and inviting you to experience an evening with shivers running down your spine. Each Pépinière artiste will put on a unique act for this evening, accompanied by a group of musicians and two off-the-wall actors.

Website – Compagnie Toc-Toc