Winnners 2021

International Fantastic Film Competition

Golden Octopus — THE INNOCENTS (De Uskyldige), directed by Eskil Vogt, Norway

A film that continually surprises and captivates its viewers from the beginning. A story of children and what it means to be young, told from a unique viewpoint.

Audience Award — THE INNOCENTS (De Uskyldige) directed by Eskil Vogt, Norway

Jury Special Mention — LAMB (Dýrið), directed by Valdimar Johannsson, Iceland

For its ability to amaze the audience through fascinating and poetical minimalism, for the singularity of its mise-en-scene and for its rich use of metaphor.

Silver Méliès Competition

Silver Méliès Best Feature Film — NAME ABOVE TITLE (Um Fio de Baba Escarlate), directed by Carlos Conceição, Portugal

With a car furiously evocative of the 550 Spyder Porsche that James Dean crashed, Name Above Title is a thoroughly atypical and thoroughly jubilatory film. With no dialogue and in a 60mm format, which makes it problematic for theatrical release, Name Above Title can already lay claim to cult status. Warning – there will be those who have seen it and those who haven’t.

Pop, cruel and sexy, a film which echoes the influence of Anger, Tati and Hitchcock, and perhaps the ghost of James Dead, is yet another proof of the fertile inventiveness of the new Portuguese cinema.

Silver Méliès Best Short Film — BRUITS BLANCS, directed by Thomas Soulignac (France)

Crossovers Competition

Crossovers Grand Prix — JOHN AND THE HOLE, directed by Pascual Sisto (USA)

A first film whose formal clarity and mastery took us by surprise. A film that has the intelligence to place itself, completely unexpectedly, at the intersection of genres. Is it a tale, a fantastic film, a psychological drama? It’s also intelligent enough to let you decide for yourselves. In cinema that deals with the world of adolescents, John and the Hole commands a singular voice, composed of minute clues and glimpses of the troubling, all in the image of its protagonist.

International Animated Film Competition

The Golden Stork — JUNK HEAD (Janku Heddo), directed by Takahide Hori, Japan

An ambiance both strange and brute, where each shot exudes formal and aesthetic inventiveness, including an invented language which contributes to the film’s unique world. A film which nods to both post-apocalyptic and horror films and which flirts with burlesque, all the way to Grand-Guignol. A parade of monsters and tag-alongs as horrifying as they are endearing. Junk Head is a world of poetic gore. A must see.

Jury Special Mention — MAD GOD, directed by Phil Tippett (USA)

An hallucinatory film that boggles the mind, and one which explores the deep and dark pockets of human history. With astonishing coherence, this great work submerges us into a world of desolation, destruction and dehumanised absurdities, and is one that will enter the annals of cinematic history with a big bang.

Short-Film Competition

Golden Octopus — SUCH SMALL HANDS, directed by Maria Martinez Bayona (United Kingdom)

Best Short Film Made in France — T’ES MORTE HÉLÈNE, directed by Michiel Blanchart

Grand Est Student Jury Prize for the Best International Short Film — T’ES MORTE HÉLÈNE, directed by Michiel Blanchart (France)

Best Animated Short Film — UN CŒUR D’OR, directed by Simon Filliot (France)

Audience Award — SUCH SMALL HANDS, directed by Maria Martinez Bayona (United Kingdom)

Indie Game Contest

Octopix for the Best Indie Video Game — CARD SHARK, produced by Nerial, United Kingdom

Audience Award — MIND SCANNERS, produced by The Outer Zone, Denmark