International Fantastic Film Competition

  • The Golden Octopus for the best fantastic film: Cutterhead, Rasmus Kloster Bro (Denmark)

“The most important award of this night goes to the overall best working film, the one we feel succeeded best in all facets. Pretty amazing, since this is the writer/director’s feature debut.  Keeping strictly to the point of view of his leading character, he proves an old lesson: not showing something is often scarier than showing it.”

  • The Silver Méliès for the best European film: The House that Jack Built, Lars von Trier (Denmark)

“Persona non grata, a jester, a provocateur; this director has been it all. Combining different styles, he created an ambitious and sardonically funny film with great acting and some of the best scenes we’ve seen in a while.”

  • Special Jury Prize: Prospect, Chris Caldwell and Zeek Earl (USA)

“There was one movie the jury felt deserved encouragement.  It was made by two young directors on a shoestring budget, yet showed us a totally believable world on another planet. The movie displays talent, not only in special and visual effects, but also in getting the audience emotionally involved.”

  • The Audience Award: Cutterhead, Rasmus Kloster Bro (Denmark)

Crossovers Competition

  • Crossovers Grand Prix: Xiao Mei, Maren Hwang (Taiwan)

“For its singular approach, sensitivity and the finely-chiselled performances of its actors – together with a sophisticated mise-en-scène, this beautiful film about appearance and disappearance and the traces we leave behind us is the winner of the Crossovers Grand Prix.”

  • Special Jury Prize: Pig, Mani Haghighi (Iran)

“Mani Haghighi’s zany and courageous film Pig (Khook) denounces the censorship of Iranian filmmakers. The tone is that of farce, one that borrows from gore cinema and shoots its wicked, acerbic humour from the hip. Indeed, decapitating humour. And neither does Haghighi spare the iconic figure of the Director with a plus-sized ego. Kooky, free-spirited and irreverent, Pig also gives plenty of space to women and features Hasan Majuni at his hilarious best.” A jubilatory moment that rocks on…”

International Animated Film Competition

  • The Golden Stork: shared between Chris the Swiss, Anja Kohmel (Switzerland) and Mirai, Mamoru Hosada (Japan)

Short film competitions

  • The Golden Octopus for the best international short film: Babs, Celine Held, Logan George (USA)
  • The Silver Méliès for the best European short film: A l’aube, Julien Trauman (France)
  • Made in France: Chose mentale, William Laboury (France)
  • The best animated short film: Lola, la patate vivante, Leonid Shmelkov (France, Russian Federation)
  • Special Jury Prize for animated film: Mr. Deer, Mojtaba Mousavi (Iran)
  • The Grand Est Student Jury Prize: Deer Boy, Katarzyna Gondek (Poland, Belgium, Croatia)
  • The Audience Award: The Girl in the Snow / Das Mädchen im Schnee, Dennis Lederberger (Switzerland)

Video Games and Virtual Reality section

  • The Octopix for the best in indie video game: Nine Witches: Family Disruption (Argentina)
  • The Audience Award: The Textorcist (Italy)