Screening times on 18 December

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Asian Dreams, our 6th and last VR cinema evening of the year, presents three short films.

Whether seen through the prism of the voyage, animated film or the spiritual, Asian
cultures and myths have always been a subject that fascinates. Virtual reality is an
excellent medium though which to plunge viewers wholeheartedly into these imaginary worlds of the Far East.


VR cinema? What’s that?

A mere fantasy for decades, this unique kind of cinema has finally found it place in movie theatres to today. So how is this different from classic cinema?

You’re not sitting in your seat; you’re part of the movie.

The Strasbourg European Fantastic Film FestivalSeppia Interactive and the Shadok propose a plunge into a 360° world during six VR evenings, to be held from 20 March to 18 December – six enticing programmes that all those in the audience will experience simultaneously.

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