Bakshi, a second-rate Indian actor, is mistakenly invited to a social reception given by a rich Hollywood producer while his almost-awkward clumsiness has just ruined his latest film. Unwittingly, it will sow discomfort in this evening that turns into crazy party. The gags are multiplying and amplifying in this jewel of burlesque humor signed by the director of Pink Panther.

Out of the evening Cinema Plein Air
  • 6:00pm at the 9:30pm: Apéro-mix with DJSpoutnik, bowling, wooden games, surprise concert and stop-motion workshop and short film
  • 10:00pm: Screening of the film The party
  • 11:30pm: End and possibility to return with public transport


Country: USA

Year: 1968

Duration: 1hr 39

Version: VOST

Cast & Credits

Director: Blake Edwards

Cast: Peter Stellers, Claudine Longet