Thursday, September 24th, 6:00pm at the Shadok

Fouzi Louahem, from the agency EBD, will present the Fantastic Rift project: shooting a lm in video 360 during the Strasbourg zombie walk and editing it in record time to share it with festival-goers. He will also describe 360, an educational application that can be consulted at the Shadok throughout the 2015 European Fantastic Film and will provide the public with step-by-step information about the creation of a 360 video. For example, it explains the core concept of virtual reality, from the basic principles to viewing the video using a headset. Intended for a wide audience, it blends animation, text and games and makes it possible in just a few minutes to understand what this new technology is all about

Valerio Bonora will present 3DRudder, a feet-controlled 3D navigation controller for virtual 3D environments. At a time when gameplay is rapidly evolving – becoming more and more immersive and demanding that movement through a space be as natural as possible – 3DRudder enables players to move easily and naturally in the three dimensions, complementing the use of virtual immersion headsets.