Oktopolis extended

Seven of the VR films on our online cyber space have just had their deadline extended and will be available until 30 June. If you haven’t watched them yet, then plop down on your sofa and tune in, courtesy of cyberpunk city, free of charge.

Click here to access Oktopolis.

VR films:

  • A Safe Guide to Dying: With the help of a computer simulation, Linus sets out to find the best way to end his life. One day, he realises he can no longer escape from this digital hell.
  • Hominidae: In desert landscapes, creatures attempt to survive. Deeply-troubling X-ray images of Arachnid Hominid, Hominidæ is a reflection on the human condition.
  • Kaiju Confidential: In his neighbourhood, Grigon is the king of the monsters. When Mega-Hydra arrives to trample on his favourite buildings, the two kaijus fight for control of this playground.
  • Lutaw: Every day, Geramy and his brother have to swim to another island to go to school. A budding inventor, she sets out to produce a new means of transport.
  • Mowb: From the cocoon of the womb to emancipation, Mowb illustrates the bond between mother and daughter. Dreamlike, this Japanese animated film is a nostalgic return to childhood.
  • The Pantheon of Queer Mythology: In a dreamlike journey through the imaginary world of queer culture, meet eccentric deities who reflect the complexity of our identities.
  • Saturnism: Inspired by a well-known painting by Goya, Saturnism is a waking nightmare. Alone with Saturn in the middle of a meal, you will face pure, unadulterated terror.