Country : Mexico, Peru

Year : 2022

Running time : 1h37

Version : Spanish, subtitled in French

Rating : +12

Director : Michelle Garza Cervera

Producers : Edher Campos, Paulina Villavicencio

Writers : Michelle Garza Cervera, Abia Castillo

Actors : Natalia Solián, Alfonso Dosal, Mayra Batalla


Valeria is elated at the news of her pregnancy, but her joy soon turns into a nightmare when she is plagued by terrifying visions. Her aunts, supposedly witches, fear she has been struck by a terrible curse.
Blending Mexican folklore with traditional Catholic beliefs, Michelle Garza Cervera has created a surprisingly masterful first feature. Drawing inspiration from Rosemary’s Baby and The Babadook, Huesera is bath a powerful portrait of a modern woman lost in a conservative society and a pure horror film with some of the genre’s most terrifying scenes in recent years