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GTFO pries open the video game world to explore a 20 billion dollar industry riddled with discrimination and misogyny. In recent years, the gaming community has grown more diverse than ever. This has led to a massive clash of values, and women receive the brunt of the consequences every day, with acts of harassment ranging from name calling to cyber vandalism and death threats.

Through interviews with video game developers, journalists, and academics, GTFO paints a complex picture of the video game industry, while revealing the systemic and human motivations behind acts of harassment. Females crashing a sacred male club? Hardly. In 2014, women gamers surpassed men at 52%.

Sunday, September 20th, 2:00pm at the Shadock

Wednesday, September 23rd, 1:30pm at the Star St-Ex


Country: USA

Year: 2014

Duration: 1hr 16

Version: English, with French subtitles

Cast & Credits

Director: Shannon Sun-Higginson

Producer: Shannon Sun-Higginson

Screenplay: Shannon Sun-Higginson

Cinematography: Shannon Sun-Higginson

Editing: Ephraim Kirkwood, Ian Park

Music: Andrew Lappin