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2015 Schneider vs. Bax

2013 Borgman

2010 The Last Days of Emma Blank

Jacob and Maria, abandoned by their father in a dark forest, experience a succession of encounters and adventures that will take them to Spain, where Maria will marry the mysterious and rich Diego. Jacob, pushed aside, is immediately suspicious of her union with this strange surgeon, whose motives are obscure.

Alex van Warmerdam‘s modernised Hansel and Gretel is a cruel, phantasmagorical story of two orphans out in the world, wandering about Europe and encountering murky characters. Making his two characters much older than the two children in the traditional Grimm tale allows him to tell a far more disturbing story, but nevertheless one thoroughly imbibed with his razor-sharp humour.

Friday, 18 September, 4pm at the Vox

Saturday, 19 September, 7:45pm at the St Ex

Sunday, 20 September, 2pm at the Vox

Technical information

Country: Netherlands

Year: 2020

Runtime: 1h30

Language: Dutch and Spanish, subtitled in French


Director:  Alex van Warmerdam

Producer: Marc van Warmerdam

Scenario: Alex van Warmerdam

Actors: Halina Reijn, Jacob Derwig, Carmelo Gomez