From Friday, September 18th, at 18:00 to Sunday 20th at 18:00 at the Shadok

Alsace Digital brings you the Fantastic Game Jam or how to deliver the best video game in 48 hours tops, based on a theme drawn from a hat just before you begin. What strategy should you adopt? How can you create a high- performance team? Find a fun concept? Which technology’s best suited to your needs? Only experience can provide you with the answers!
The game jam is open to everyone. Each team will be made up of developers, graphic designers, musicians, game designers, gamers … all put together on the spot.
The winning team will receive a pass for the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival.
From Friday 18 September, 6p.m. to Sunday 20 September 6p.m. at Shadok Participation charge: €25, includes 4 meals and 2 breakfasts