Double Bill: TV-Series Afternoon

Sunday September 15th at the Cinema Vox

Free screening

Binge Mania: 1:30pm
Table ronde: 3:00-4:30pm

Our TV-series afternoon will kick off with Olivier Joyard’s documentary Binge Mania, followed by a round table discussion of this runaway cultural phenomenon, omnipresent in today’s societies. Led by Carole Desbarats, experts Benjamin Campion, Clément Combes and Olivier Joyard will discuss the genesis    of series, their relationship to cinema, the impact of bingeing on the industry and ourselves. They’ll also tackle content: do series propose content more pertinent to societal issues? More controversial, more subversive or sexually explicit? You’ll also learn about French viewing habits, hear prognostics for series’ future and views on a fascinating subject: have TV series dethroned cinema as a cultural lingua franca of today?