Game in virtual reality

Something is on the prowl around a God-forsaken motel in the middle of Death Valley. Between Twin Peaks and The X-Files, Jade Lacroix – the main character of Dark Days, played from a rst-person perspective – will have to experience the trials and tribulations of an adventure blended with fantasy and punctuated both by shivers of fear and an investigation that takes the shape of an “escape the room” game. This is not the rst horror video game made by the independent French studio Parallel Studio as its production team were the creators of White Night (Osome Studio), but Dark Days sets out to be a new type of experience in which sounds and images underlie a play-based immersion narrative in a world entirely plugged into virtual reality.


The game was in free access from the 16th to the 25th september at the Shadok


Developpers: Parallel Studio – parallel-studio.com

Editing: Oculus Studio – oculus.com