The Festival joins the CICAE and the Carrefour des Festivals

The Festival is delighted to take another step forward by joining two prestigious organisations: the International Confederation of Arthouse Cinemas (CICAE) and the Carrefour des Festivals.

Founded in 1955, the CICAE promotes arthouse cinema worldwide. By joining the CICAE, the Festival becomes part of a network of over 2 400 arthouse cinemas and festivals devoted to cultural diversity, the discovery of new talent and the dissemination of independent quality cinematographic works. Our adherence to this organisation is a sign of recognition of the Festival’s commitment to the promotion and distribution of a cinema artform at risk.

A key platform for exchanges and co-operation between film festivals since the 1980s, the Carrefour des Festivals strives towards further recognition of its members’ work. Joining this association, with over fifty member events annually, will open pathways to new approaches and interactions with other festivals on a national level, thereby contributing to our ongoing efforts to enhance our own organisational structure and programming.  

We look forward to working with these organisations as well as continuing to provide a quality platform for genre cinema.