Country : USA

Year : 2021

Run time : 1hr32

Version : in English, subtitled in French

Rating : +12

Director : Perry Blackshear

Producers : Evan Dumouchel, Perry Blackshear, MacLeod Andrews

Scenario : Perry Blackshear

Actors : Libby Ewing, Evan Dumouchel, MacLeod Andrews

Sales :

Filmography : The Siren (2019), They Look Like People (2015)

When I Consume You

A brother and sister, bound together by their considerable frailty and addictions, are confronted by a mysterious entity, an elusive being that harasses them and puts their existence at risk.

Perry Blackshear, a fiercely independent filmmaker, continues to explore the fantastic through an intimate approach, based on the proximity of beings, their heightened emotions and the passions that bind them. In the same vein as his first film They Look Like People, he opts for minimalist psychological horror in a work supported by a magnificent trio of actors: the customary duo of Evan Dumouchel and Mac-Leod Andrews are joined by the brilliant Libby Ewing.