Conference - Friday, 22 September - 6pm - Shadok

Today, the video fighting game is a spearhead of the eSport scene. Both professional and amateur competitions, based on titles such as Street Fighter V , Guilty Gear Xrd or Tekken 7 , can be found in every corner of the globe. However, has Vs fighting always been suitable for being played in a tournament? The conference will provide an opportunity to review the short history of the versus fighting game, discuss the influence of the arcade on this genre, describe its active communities, and so forth. On hand to discuss these topics, our guests include: TMDJC, an active member of the website Bas Gros Poing, centred on combat games; Aurélien Laureau, a freelance community manager who has worked for Capcom and Red Bull; and Yamato, a videographer for Capcom, Red Bull and Webedia.