Conference - Sunday, 17 September - 5pm - Shadok

Only yesterday, the chance to watch a virtual reality film was no more than a dream for science fiction lovers, but today these films are available to the general public. In addition to the possibility of enjoying it in the home, virtual reality can be experienced at dedicated distribution locations or venues specially organised for the occasion, for example the Louxor cinema or the Forum des images in Paris. The National Centre for Cinema and the Moving Image has already made production support available for VR works. To discuss the different stages of a VR experience, this conference will bring together Camille Lopato, the founder of Diversion Cinema: Paul Bouchard, head of the VR section at Wide Management distribution; Clément Léotard, director of Kinoscope; and Alexandre Perez, director of the short film Sergent James . The conference will be moderated by Louis Cacciuttolo, founder of the website VRroom.