V/H/S 99

The latest instalment in the famous V/H/S horror anthology franchise focuses on the year 1999. On the menu: a drunken wake, a particularly enraged riot grrrl band, a deadly dangerous reality show, a rear window with a fatally voluptuous view, and a diabolical trip to hell.

The producers of the latest V/H/S reboot asked six directors to corne up with a short-film set in 1999. Vanessa and Joseph Winter (Deadstream), Flying Lotus (Kuso), Johannes Roberts (47 Meters Dawn), Maggie Levin (Into The Dark) and Tyler Maclntyre (Tragedy Girls) brilliantly rise to the challenge, serving up five shorts that are as funny as they are terrifying.



Country : USA

Year : 2022

Running time : 1h40

Version : English, subtitled in French

Directors : Johannes Roberts, Maggie Levin, Flying Lotus, Tyler MacIntyre, Vanessa Winter & Joseph Winter

Actors : Verona Blue, Dashiell Derrickson, Tybee Diskin

Rating : +12