Born in Austin Texas in 1943, Tobe Hooper shot his first feature-length film Eggshells in 1969 which was followed in 1974 by his legendary The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The film was a tremendous success despite his limited budget the unknown actors and the tide of censorship. He then directed Eaten Alive (1977) which was made with some of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre cast including Marilyn Burns. He subsequently directed several successful productions including Poltergeist in 1982 co-written and produced by Steven Spielberg. He then went on to make a number of science-fiction films (Lifeforce in 1985, Invaders from Mars in 1986) followed in 1986 by a sequel to his masterpiece The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 2 which was also a great success. In the 1990s Hooper mostly devoted his talents to television. He returned to the cinema in the following decade with The Toolbox Murder in 2004 and Mortuary in 2005. At the same time sequels to and remakes of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre proliferated.