Toxic Avenger - Photo 3



Melvin Junko sweeps floors in a gym club. He’s a puny weakling who lacks self-esteem, which makes him a choice target for the club bullies. When four beefcake boys gang up to humiliate him in front of everyone, Junko jumps unknowingly into a barrel full of toxic products for shelter. He then mutates in a superhuman, enhanced with monstrous strength, but also a monstrous appearance. He becomes the Toxic Avenger, New Jersey’s first superhero, who sets out to right wrongs and restore law and order.

Toxic Avenger was the first big hit of the legendary production company Troma, founded by the over-the-top Lloyd Kaufman in the 1970s. This exploitation film, made on Troma’s usual shoestring budgets, is known for its wit and irreverence. Inspired by Mel Brooks comedies, Kaufman and Herz pile on gore, sex and the politically incorrect. A satirical trash comedy with well-aimed potshots sums up Toxic Avenger quite nicely.


Country: USA

Year: 1984

Runtime: 1hr22

Version: in Eng. subtitled in Fr.

Cast & Credits

Director: Lloyd Kaufman et Michael Herz

Actors: Mitch Cohen, Mark Torgl, Andree Maranda