Original title : Ku bei

Country : Taiwan

Year : 2021

Run time : 1hr39

Version : in Mandarin and Hokkien, subtitled in French

Rating : +16

Director : Rob Jabbaz

Producers: Jeffrey Huang, Wei-Chun Lu, David Barker

Scenario: Rob Jabbaz

Actors: Tzu-Chiang Wang, Regina Lei, Berant Zhu

Sales : Raven Banner Entertainment

Feature debut

The Sadness

Taiwan drops its guard. The pandemic virus mutates and humans with it, turning into mind-altered monstrosities that gorge on flesh. They also dig orgies, torture and rape, and never lose their human identity. Amid the bestiality that has exploded in the streets, a young couple gets separated.

Ron Jabbaz’s debut feature is more than a grand cru gorefest of brute violence. It is also a scathing inditement of individual and governmental failure that hits home. An undercurrent of sadness permeates throughout, like a melancholy swan song of the human race.