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The world is overcome by a viral outbreak that turns people into zombies. The virus can be controlled through medicine, but world supplies are dwindling and those already bitten (theReturned) must have regular injections to stay “human”. Influential anti-Returned groups are rising, and the government calls for isolating the Returned as a precautionary measure. Kate, a doctor who treats them, must decide how far she will go to save her own husband. Secrecy, betrayal and moral expediency become the norm for both individuals and society in a state of break down, driven by panic and fear of monstrosity.


Country: Spain / Canada

Date: 2013

Duration: 1hr 38

Version: English with French subtitles

Cast & Credits

Director: Manuel Carballo

Producer: George Ayoub, Julio Fernandez, Gary Howsam, Bill Marks

Screenplay: Hatem Khraiche

Cinematography: Javier Salmones

Editing: Guillermo de la Cal

Music: Jonathan Goldsmith

Cast: Emily Hampshire, Kris Holden-Ried, Shawn Doyle, Claudia Bassols