Country : USA

Year : 2022

Running time : 1h42

Version : French

Rating : +12

Director : Jimmy Laporal-Trésor

Producer : Manuel Chiche

Writers : Sébastien Birchler, Jimmy Laporal-Trésor, Virak Thun

Actors : Jonathan Feltre, Angelina Woreth, Missoum Slimani

Les Rascals

1980s Paris. The Rascals are a local gang offriends. When they go to Paris to have a good time, they run up against the Boneheads, a group of ultra-violent skinheads. Their verbal jousting quickly degenerates into a full-blown race war.
In his first feature, the talented screenwriter Jimmy Laporal­ Trésor (La Cité rose, Mon frère) continues to question the allegedly harmful impact of the city on individuals. A French-style The Warriors, the film brilliantly revives the rough-and-tumble period of the 1980s, when the name Le Pen still inspired horror and when young people from all classes and backgrounds combated racism together.