Lacking financial resources but with plenty of good ideas, French fantastic cinema seems to be reinventing itself with daring and originality. In this first film by Marc Lahore, shot in the Scottish Highlands, two men and a woman cling to the idea of a Tennis Open. The world as we know it no longer seems to exist, and the survivors imagine the net and the lines of a tennis court and fantasise about a yellow ball. Their tournament can therefore be seen as a desire to survive rather than throw in the sponge. The Open, the plot of which will no doubt either frighten or convince, is an idealistic and dreamy work, almost an act of faith.

Tuesday, September 20th, 10:00pm at the Star St-Ex

Thursday, September 22nd, 3:45pm at the Star St-Ex

Sunday, September 25th, 1:45pm at the Star

Preview in the presence of the director


Countries: France, Belgium

Year: 2016

Duration: 1hr 43

Version: French, with English subtitles

Cast & Credits

Director: Marc Lahore

Producers: Cyril Cadars, Marc Lahore

Screenplay: Marc Lahore

Cinematography: Marc Lahore

Editing: Marc Lahore, Benjamin Minet

Music: dDamage, JB Hanak

Cast: James Northcote, Maia Levasseur-Costil, Pierre Benoist