Country : USA

Year : 1973

Run time : 0hr53

Version : in English, subtitled in French

Restored version

Director : George A. Romero

Producers: Israel Ehrisman, Sandra Schulberg

Scenario : Wally Cook

Actor : Lincoln Maazel

Sales : Yellow Veil Pictures

Distribution : Potemkine Films

Selected filmography : Martin (1997), The Night of the Living Dead (1968)

The Amusement Park

An elegant 70-year-old goes to an amusement park, ignoring the pleas of an exhausted old man. Then the nightmare begins … In 1973, the Pittsburgh Lutheran community axed this film, which it had commissioned from George Romero to raise awareness of the plight of the elderly. One understands why they did so, upon seeing this radical work on a consumer society that rids itself of those who are no longer productive. A fate that awaits us all, as the prologue points out. A jewel unearthed from its grave, in the tradition other films from this master of horror, starting with Dawn of the Dead, made five years later.