Tannöd – The Murder Farm


World Sales: The Match Factory

Katrin comes to a remoteGerman village to bury her mother, whom she hardly knew. She stays near the empty Danner farm where two yearspreviously, a family of five and a house servant were mysteriously slaughtered. Charles Danner, a vicious peasant hated by everyone, supposedly fathered the children of his scheming daughter. The unsolved murders weigh heavily on the farm community and its corrupt priest. The funeral degenerates into a hornet’s nest of accusations, as each gives their account of the Danner family, implicating others. What emerges is a web of collective hatred and guilt that has engulfed the community. The murderer is revealed to Katrin at the end of the film, but the full truth remains blurred in this village of the doomed where no redemption seems possible.


Country: Switzerland

Year: 2010

Duration: 104′

Version: German with French and English subtitles

Cast & Credits

Director: Bettina Oberli

Producer: Kristina Lobber, Hejo Emons, Stefan Schubert, Ralph Schwingel,

Screenplay: Bettina Oberli, Andrea Maria Schenkel, Petra Luschow

Cinematography: Stephane Kuthy

Editing: Mike Schaerer, Antje Zynga

Music: Johan Soderqvist

Cast: Julia Jentsch, Monica Bleibtreu, Filip Peeters