Country : France

Year : 2022

Running time : 1h44

Rating : Some scenes may not be suitable to all audience

Version : French

Director : Simon Rieth

Producer : Inès Daïen Dasi

Writer : Simon Rieth, Léa Riche

Actors : Raymond Baur, Simon Baur, Maïra Villena, Gregory Lu, Benjamin Lu

Summer Scars

Summer holidays 2011. Two young brothers, inseparable but rivals, experience a terrible tragedy. Ten years later, they return to the scene, bearing a heavy secret.
Selected for the 2022 International Critics’ Week in Cannes, Summer Scars is a beautiful tale of coming into adulthood. Drawing on his own experiences, director Simon Rieth captures key moments of adolescence and films his young actors with great accuracy and sensitivity. The film is a breathtaking work offormal beauty, with a narrative that combines the dream-like with the raw. A great French filmmaker is born.