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Ms Perch, a wealthy elderly lady, is throwing her annual garden party at her country home. Everything would be ne if an illegally imported, strong plant fertiliser had not seeped into the ground, turning mutant killer wasps into two-metre wide predators. Paul and Julia, who are in charge of the bu et, will have to ght for their survival and stop the giant wasps, which have found ideal prey in the posh guests of this little social gathering.
With the ingredients of exploitation lms featuring giant monsters, Stung is a generous horror comedy, with the unshakable Lance Henriksen in the role of a local dignitary. A midnight film with a sting!

Friday, September 25th, 12:30am at the Star St-Ex

Saturday, September 26th, 6:00pm at the UGC

Sunday, September 27th, 2:00pm at the UGC


Country: United Kingdom

Year: 2015

Duration: 1hr 47

Version: English, with French subtitles

Rating: 12+

Cast & Credits

Director: Benni Diez

Producers: Christian Becker, Todd Brown, Nick Spicer

Screenplay: Adam Aresty

Cinematography: Stephan Burchardt

Editing: Dominik Kattwinkel

Music: Antonio Gambale, David Menke

Cast: Clifton Collins Jr, Jessica Cook, Lance Henriksen