Round table - Friday 23rd sept. 2016 18:00 at the Shadok

Voices, noise and music have their place in video games just like any other artistic expression that makes use of sound. From 8-bit sounds to the use of a symphony orchestra, from mono to binaural, the video game reveals many unique characteristics that make up its identity in terms of sound.

This round table will provide an opportunity to discuss the history, techniques and aesthetics of sound in video games in the presence of three speakers: Nicolas Bredin, sound designer for Quantic Dream, Osome Studio and Parallel Studio; Sébastien Gaillard, sound designer for Cryo Interactive, Ubisoft, Darkworks, Arkane Studios, and Dontnod; Frederic “Elmobo” Motte, composer and sound designer from 1990 for Coktel Vision, Kalisto Entertainment, before becoming a freelance in 2001.