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For almost one hundred years there was only one way to make a movie—with film. Movies were shot, edited and projected using photochemical film. But over the last two decades a digital process has emerged to challenge photochemical filmmaking. In Side by Side, Keanu Reeves takes an in-depth look at this revolution. Through interviews with directors, such as David Lynch, Danny Boyle and Christopher Nolan, famous cinematographers, producers, technologists, editors, and exhibitors, Side by Side examines all aspects of filmmaking – from capture, to edit, to visual effects, to color correction, to distribution to archive. At this moment when digital and photochemical filmmaking coexist, Side by Side explores what has been gained, what is lost and what the future might bring.

Chris Kenneally has been working in the film industry since 1998. He wrote, directed and produced the documentary Crazy Legs Conti: Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating, and his new film, Green Dolphin, is about a teenage graffiti artist in Coney Island.


Country: USA

Year: 2012

Duration: 1hr 48

Version: English, with French subtitles

Cast & Credits

Director: Chris Kenneally

Producer: Keanu Reeves, Justin Szlasa

Cinematography: Chris Cassidy

Editing: Mike Long, Malcom Hearn

Music: Brendan Ryan, Billy Ryan

Cast: James Cameron, David Fincher, Martin Scorsese