VR Cinema: The Return

The Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival and its partners – the ShadokSeppia Interactive and VRrOOm – are back for a second season of VR films in Strasbourg.

Inner Journeys

Three immersive VR shorts about inner journeys into fantastic worlds. The Fifth Sleep takes you on psychedelic journey on the back of a nanorobot camera navigating the human brain. The Cave is a time-travel adventure back to an Ice Age cave, whose paintings spring to life, revealing a hidden force in its rocks that will propel you into another dimension. In Passenger, you’ll embark on a taxi ride that turns into a dreamlike flight to a new country, where you will live first-hand what migrants experience when arriving in a unfamiliar land.


Inner Journeys

– a 25 min. programme, 6 VR shorts
– Screening times: 19:15pm – 20:15pm – 21:15pm – 22:15pm
– Single ticket price: 6€
– Tickets available online now

Next VR dates 

14 November and 5 December

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