Les Ailes de Mossoul


VR Cinema: The Return!

The Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival and its partners – the ShadokSeppia Interactive and VRrOOm – are back for a second season of virtual reality films.

Flights to Freedom

Three VR documentaries will take viewers: to North Africa following the footsteps of a young refugee; to Paris for the May Day protests, a paraglider landing in the ruins of Mosul two years after its liberation.

–  A 30 min. programme of 3 VR shorts
– 4 screening times: 19:15pm – 20:15pm – 21:15pm – 22:15pm
– Single ticket price: €6
– Tickets available online now

Next VR date 

5 December

Prochain rendez-vous 

5 décembre

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