1595: the Russo-Finnish war has ended. Two Finnish brothers are part of a commission which includes the Russians; their mission is to penetrate into uncharted territory to mark the new post-war borders. On the way they are responsible for the cruel death of a young Russian girl. One of the brothers, gnawed with remorse, sees the girl’s spirit from afar, filth pouring from her mouth. The commission reaches an unmarked village in a swamp, where even the inhabitants know little about the origins of the village. But there is a sauna, imposing and beckoning, where one’s sins can be washed away.

Saturday, September 27th, 10:00pm at the Star St-Exupéry
Friday, September 28th, 4:00pm at the Star St-Exupéry


Country: Finland

Year: 2008

Duration: 1hr 25

Version: Finnish, with French and English subtitles

Cast & Credits

Director: Anti Jussi Annila

Producer: Jesse Fryckman, Tero Kaukomaa

Screenplay: Liro Luttner

Cinematography: Henri Blomberg

Editing: Joona Louhivuori

Music: Panu Aaltio

Cast: Ville Virtanen, Tommi Eronen, Rain Tolk, Sonja Petajajari