Game in virtual reality

In 2014, the illustrator and scriptwriter Marc-Antoine Mathieu published the comic book SENS (“Direction”), a labyrinthine graphic experience in black and white that invites the reader to follow one man’s meditational development. Charles Ayats and Armand Lemarchand of Red Corner studio did not need much persuading to realise the full potential of this work, once transposed into an interactive environment. SENS therefore became S.E.N.S VR, the first adaptation of a comic to the world of virtual reality. A video game that opens up the path to a narrative and sensory journey and an out-of-the-ordinary exploration in a maze where only the arrows enable one to move about an abstract world.


The game was in free access from the 16th to the 25th september at the Shadok


Production: Red Corners – sens-vr.com/fr_FR/

Distribution: Arte – arte.tv/sens