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In the California desert, incredulous spectators have gathered to watch the adventures of a killer, telepathic tyre.Afterwitnessingthecremationofhisfellowtyresin a public dump, the tyreseeks revenge. He rolls, he stops, he quivers … leaving a ceaseless death trail in his wake. But curiously enough, the tyre is attracted to a lovely young girl. And so begins an absurd investigation into this very unlikely killer.

After the madly delirious Steak, Quentin Dupieux returns with an oddball movie filmed entirely with a Canon 5D Mark II – a hymn to the Absurd, but also a reflection on Cinema and its relation to the spectator.


Quentin Dupieux

Quentin Dupieux was born in France in 1974. In 1997, Laurent Garnier stumbled across his work and offered him the job of directing his video clip Flashback. Dupieux first worked under the pseudonym Mr Oizo. In1999, this DJ director made a reputation with his hit “Flat Beat” and his yellow puppet Flat Eric. He made several electric music albums and signed with Ed Banger Records for his album Lambs Anger. In 2001 he directed his first medium length film Non film, followed in 2007 by his first feature film Steak, with Eric and Ramzy. Mr Oizo and Gaspard Augé composed the music for Rubber, selected for the Semaine de la critique at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010.


Country: France

Year: 2010

Duration: 1hr 25

Version: English with French subtitles

Cast & Credits

Director: Quentin Dupieux

Producer: Gregory Bernard, Julien Berlan

Screenplay: Quentin Dupieux

Cinematography: Quentin Dupieux

Editing: Quentin Dupieux

Music: Mr Oizo, Gaspard Augé

Cast: Stephen Spinella, Roxane Mesquida, Jack Plotnick