Retrospective Fateful Attractions

Fateful Attractions is a retrospective of six movie jewels about the less-than-sunny-side of funfairs and circuses, milieux that has been associated with cinema since its origins. This retrospective was programmed in response to a generous invitation from the International Film Festival Entrevues Belfort and initially destined to screen there last year, until Covid-19 shut down cinemas. Fateful Attractions will now make its debut at our Festival in September. Relish the programme below:


Freaks, directed by Tod Browning (1932, United States)

Night Tide, directed by Curtis Harrington (1963, United States)

Torture Garden, directed by Freddie Francis (1967, United Kingdom)

Vampire Circus, directed by Robert Young (1972, United Kingdom)

Rollercoaster, directed by James Goldstone (1977, United States)

The Funhouse, directed by Tobe Hooper (1981, United States)


Stay tuned in to  – more to be announced soon.