Original title : Al morir la matinée

Country : Uruguay

Year : 2021

Run time : 1hr26

Version : in Spanish, subtitled in French

Rating : +16

Director : Maximiliano Contenti

Producers: Maximiliano Contenti, Alina Kaplan, Lucia Gaviglio

Scenario: Manuel Facal

Actors: Ricardo Islas, Luciana Grasso, Franco Duran

Sales : Reel Suspects

Filmography : Puppet Pal V (2008)

Red Screening

On a rainy day in the early 1980s, people slowly trickle into a cinema in Montevideo to see yet another Frankenstein adaptation. But a bloodthirsty killer has slipped in among them.

Maximiliano Contenti’s film is not a contemporary variation of the slasher, but a glowing tribute – a brilliant celebration of the horror subgenre based on the premise of lambs to the slaughter. The film’s intentionally slow pace and its carefully crafted characters – endearing, sometimes annoying – form the perfect setting in which each murder becomes a jubilant act, a showcase of blood.