RED 11

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Selected filmography

2019 Alita: Battle Angel

2013 Machete Kills

2007 Planet Terror

Rob, a young independent director, loses his investors’ $7 000, discovering at the same time that it came from the Mafia. To repay his debt, he agrees to be a guinea pig at a medical research centre. Renamed Red 11, nothing turns out to be easy: the drugs cloud his perceptions and the borderline between reality and fiction is blurred.

A comedy, thriller and horror film all in one, Red 11 is adapted from a screenplay Robert Rodriguez wrote 25 years ago, and which was partly based on his personal experience. To celebrate El Mariachi’s 25 years, Rodriguez imposed the same constraints on the production of Red 11.


Country: USA

Year: 2019

Runtime: 1hr17

Version: in English, subtitled in French

Cast & Credits

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Producers: Robert Rodriguez, Racer Rodriguez

Scenario: Robert Rodriguez, Racer Rodriguez

Actors: Roby Attal, Lauren Hatfield, Carlos Gallardo