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One night and without apparent reason, several deer rush headlong to their death by throwing themselves onto an electric fence surrounding a large agricultural exploitation. The deep bite wounds found on the deer indicate to the wealthy family owners of the farm that a beast of prey roams in the forest nearby. They decide to hunt the animal down, but once in the heart of the forest, they are astonished to find that both plant and animal life are dying, ravaged  by some unknown malady. As the sun goes down, strident cries echo around them. The hunters have become the prey.

Antoine Blossier

Antoine Blossier worked as a director’s assistant on several films before directing in 2004 L’Abominable Malédiction du Peintre Gray, a fantastic short film in black and white, in homage to expressionist cinema. The film took home the best director’s prize at festivals in both Grenoble and Lille.

He also directed several television commercials for Canal Jimmy. Prey is his first feature film.


Country: France

Year: 2010

Duration: 1hr 30

Version: French with French subtitles

Cast & Credits

Director: Antoine Blossier

Producer: Olivier Oursel, Jean-Marie Delbary

Screenplay: Antoine Blossier, Erich Vogel

Cinematography: Pierre Aïm

Editing: Nicolas Sarkissian

Music: Romaric Laurence

Cast: Grégoire Colin, François Levental, Bérénice Béjo