Original title : Eiga Entotsumachi No Puperu

Country : Japan

Year : 2020

Run time : 1hr40

Version : in Japanese, subtitled in French

Rating : +10

Director : Yusuke Hirota

Producers : Ryoichi Fukuyama, Eiko Tanaka, Yusuke Kitahashi

Scenario : Akihiro Nishino

Voices : Masataka Kubota, Mana Ashida, Jun Kunimura

Sales : Kiyuki Inc

Distribution : Art House

Feature debut

Poupelle of Chimney Town

Lubicchi, a lonely young chimney sweep, lives in the big city of Chimney Town, where the sky is shrouded in thick smoke. On Halloween night, he meets a strange humanoid creature made up of bits of scrap metal and waste, whom he names Poupelle. Alone against everyone, they try to prove to the disbelieving inhabitants that there are stars beyond the fog that hangs over their heads. An amazing friendship develops between these two outcasts, who have embarked on breathless adventures and are hunted by the dangerous Inquisitors who want to preserve the status quo. A visual world of marvels, worthy of the best Ghibli productions.