philippe nahon


Born in 1938 in Paris, Philippe Nahon first appeared in 1961 in Le Doulos by Jean-Pierre Melville. His greatest roles were in Carne (1991) and Seul contre tous (1999), under the direction of Gaspar Noé, where his interpretation of a down and out creepy racist butcher was one of the highlights of his career. Since the 1990s, he has been associated with the new stars of French cinema, such as directors Mathieu Kassovitz, Christophe Gans and Jacques Audiard. In 2000, he teamed up once again with Gaspar Noé in Irreversible, completed Haute tension, directed by Alexandre Aja, and Calvaire by Fabrice du Welz. He has just finished Humains, co-directed by Jacques Olivier Molon and Pierre Olivier Thevenin.