Documentary "Les Mondes de Philip K. Dick" - From Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd sept. 2016 18:00 at the Shadok

Rediscover the visionary and psychedelic world of one of the greatest science-fiction authors, Philip K. Dick. A three-part exploration co-produced by Arte with a documentary, a video game and a 360° short film.

The documentary Les mondes de Philip K. Dick (The Worlds of Philip K. Dick) by Yann Coquart and Ariel Kyrou looks back on the work left behind by the writer and on his tormented life.

The 360° short lm I, Philip by Pierre Zandrowicz enables you to take your place in the body of the writer, or rather the android created to resemble him, while the game Californium invites you to become a writer who is a victim of blank page syndrome and whose life is torn apart in a world with colourful artwork far removed from the coldness of some adaptations of Dick’s work.