Country : Portugal, Belgium, France, The Netherlands

Year : 2022

Running time : 1h23

Version : Portuguese, subtitled in French

Director : José Miguel Ribeiro

Voices : Elisângela Kadina Rita, Catarina André, Marine la Furtado Veloso


Angola, 2011. Yara is a rebellious teenager. Abandoned 16 years earlier during the civil war by her mother, who left in search of her soldier husband, Yara tries to stir up action and awareness with her subversive rap, in a country subjected to a repressive regime. One night, a threatening masked stranger bursts into her living room.
Nayola delivers a forceful punch with the tenderness of a caress. An emotional road movie that traverses decades of civil war and the fight for women’s rights, the film skilfully combines action scenes with the dreamlike, illustrating a people’s incredible power of resilience.