Original title : Um fio de baba escarlate

Country : Portugal

Year : 2020

Run time : 1hr

Version : no dialogue

Rating : +12

Director : Carlos Conceição

Producers: Carlos Conceição, António Gonçalves

Scenario: Carlos Conceição

Actors: Matthieu Charneau, Joana Ribeiro, Joao Arrais

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Selected filmography : Goodnight, Cinderella (2019), Bad Bunny (2017)

Name Above Title

A seductive man with a taste for kinky sex is also a prolific serial killer. In an ironic twist of fate, he’s called upon to fulfil the last wish of a young woman as she lays dying and suddenly finds himself propelled into stardom on social media. Then a curious journalist starts to snoop.

Name Above Title is a fine-tuned horror film of few words, whose expressive actors and intriguing soundscape convey its strong emotional charge. A film where things are never what they seem on the surface, and which director Carlos Conceição steers into an unexpected place, at an ending worthy of the maestro Fellini himself.