Sales: Charades

Distribution: Wild Bunch

Mirai is born into a happy family, but like most births, her arrival upsets its harmony. Kun, a once happy little boy, is now consumed by jealously of his new sister. He holes up in the garden and discovers a magic genealogical tree that thrusts him into a phantasmagorical voyage through time, where he encounters his family before his birth: his mother as a young girl, his war-hero great-grandfather and Mirai the “despised” intruder, a lovely young girl. Through the enchanted voyage, he finds his place in the family.

Japanese anime master Mamoru Hosada has crafted a universal film for all ages, poignant and extremely funny.


Country: Japan

Year: 2018

Runtime: 1hr38

Version: in Japanese, subtitled in English and French

Cast & Credits

Director: Mamoru Hosada

Producers: Yuichiro Saito, Takuya Ito, Yuchi Adachi

Scenario: Mamoru Hosada

Music: Masakatsu Takagi

Animation: Hiroyuki Aoyama, Ayako Hata

Technique: 2D/3D computer

Voices: Moka Kamishiraishi, Haru Kuroki, Gen Hoshino